How to get more views and subscribers FAST

How to get more views and subscribers FAST

Whether you love making a wishlist for the new year or not, there is always room for improvement in promoting your YouTube channel.

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Understand your channel banner

A YouTube channel banner is essentially a channel billboard. Make sure it shows visitors:

what are you doing on your channel; why are you doing this; why exactly you (profession or hobby) do it.

The YouTube channel banner should match the branding, color, and design of the video thumbnails. And don’t forget to check that the edges of the banner are not cropped when viewed from mobile devices.

Write a compelling channel description

The YouTube channel description in the About Channel section is what visitors will read about the channel in search results. The channel description should be composed as if you were tweeting 140 characters long: visitors will not hold their attention for long, so the description should be clear and concise.

Also keep in mind that when users visit your channel for the first time, they usually search for something important to them. Instead of self-admiration and autobiography, it is better to bet on how your channel is useful to your audience. An easy way to test this is to count the number of times the word “you” or “you” appears in the channel description.

Applying these principles to video descriptions has the same benefits. Any visitor can read the first couple of lines, and this should be used.

Develop a consistent design for all content

The correct design principles will ensure the integrity of the entire channel and all its elements. Create your fonts, colors, logos and branding images and store them together to quickly apply them to pictures, thumbnails, intro videos and even the bottom third of the feed, as shown below.

Greet channel visitors

Imagine that the channel is the entrance hall of your home or your company’s office, and you are the hospitable host.

A good way to greet visitors is to include a dedicated channel trailer or use a high converting video as a trailer, which will definitely increase the number of subscribers.

Also consider creating a playlist with your best content — this is also an effective way to introduce your audience to the channel. And if you have a playlist of recent videos at the top of the channel, visitors will know the channel is active and updated regularly.

Engage your audience as actively as possible

Video creators often make the same mistake: they ask viewers questions at the end of the video. However, many viewers simply do not watch the video to the end — it is easy to see this by examining audience retention rates. By asking viewers questions or even organizing polls at the beginning, middle and end of a video, you can really engage your audience in the channel’s life.

Add a powerful branding watermark

Each video should have a branded call-to-action watermark in the bottom-right corner for viewers to subscribe to your channel. And for this, the watermark must clearly tell the viewer what to do. Instead of adding a channel logo as a watermark, it’s better to use something that invites you to subscribe to the channel.